Thursday, May 24, 2012

Violet is One!!!!

My sweet baby V turned one on May 5th. It's bittersweet since we aren't having anymore kiddies, but I'm so proud of what a beautiful little toddler she's growing into. She has 4 teeth, walks like a champ and has already started saying more and more words. She likes to imitate everything we do, give kisses (we call them candy kisses), and loves going to the park and swinging. She says, "weeeeeeeeeeeee," when she swings and it's just precious. I could gloat forever about this wee one! We had a rainbow themed party for her and it was a hit! It was a total labor of love, but worth all the effort!

The Rainbow table!

Violet's highchair complete with rainbow bunting!

Cake time!

Om nom nom!

Cakey face!

This was my first layer cake ever so I was suuuuper proud!

Opening presents with Daddy and Millie


  1. i love the cake face plant picture! so adorable. and that cake looks fabulous! it came out amazing for your first layer cake. and i love that table so cute.

    1. Thanks Jes! The cake was too big for her to pick up so she just smooshed her face into it! ;)