Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer To Do List

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Oliver. I can't believe my two biggest littles are going to be a third grader and a kindergartner. Bananas! Since Oliver's Dad lives out of state and isn't able to see Oliver every other weekend, Oliver spends half of his summer break in Indiana. While this really stinks and we miss him like crazy, I still try to make the entire summer fun for Amelia. I've been compiling my summer to do list of fun things we can do together that will keep Amelia (and Violet!) entertained and keep me from losing my mind. I've included links where applicable.

2. Make Microwave S'mores
3. Make a Bird Feeder
8. Go to a Matinee
9. Summer Reading Program at the Library
10. Put-Put Golf
12. Go to the Fair
13. Ride the Horse Drawn Carriage
14. Buy a Sprinkler and Play
15. Make Soap Clouds and Homemade Soap
16. Vacation Bible School
17. A Sleepover with Friends
18. Glow Sticks in the Bath

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