Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clickin' Moms 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt

I'm a member of a super fabulous photography forum called Clickin' Moms that seriously changed my life and pushed my photography to whole new levels. If you are a photography enthusiast and love awesome ladies who share your passion, I can't recommend CM enough!
This is my first year participating in the Clickin' Moms annual scavenger hunt and I am so super excited! If you find and photograph at least 110 of the items on the list (with a 'Clickin' Moms 2012' sign in the image) you get entered into a drawing for some really amazing prize packs. I would DIE if I won one. Die! I wanted to share the list here because I plan to do some little updates with my photos because some are too fun not to share...

1. pic of someone wearing a striped sock and a polka dot sock
2. photo while getting your hair cut/colored/styled
3. a kid hula hooping
4. someone running through a sprinkler
5. identical twins
6. a cat on a leash
7. a fire hydrant that is NOT red
8. kids playing double-dutch jump rope
9. someone jumping on a pogo stick
10. you wearing a prom dress
11. someone riding a unicycle
12. an adult eating a blue popsicle
13. someone getting their ear pierced
14. a house with solar panels on the roof
15. a foot with a second toe that's longer than the first
16. a hooters t-shirt
17. sea monkeys
18. someone mowing their lawn
19. a lobster
20. salt water taffy
21. someone eating a cupcake
22. a kid jumping in a puddle
23. a library card
24. someone building a sandcastle
25. a firetruck
26. a self-portrait in the highest heels you own
27. a man in a dress
28. someone baking cookies
29. an adult on a swing at the park
30. two elderly people holding hands
31. someone barbequing
32. a baby in a diaper
33. a dog wearing clothes
34. someone reading a book
35. a kid in flip flops
36. you wearing sunglasses
37. someone washing a car
38. letters in a mailbox
39. someone balancing a spoon on their nose
40. an adult riding in a little red wagon
41. a child picking a peach
42. someone tubing on a river
43. you holding a snake
44. an adult doing a belly flop
45. someone ice skating
46. you on a motorcycle
47. a train ticket
48. someone eating Vegemite while holding the container
49. a bowl with 5 dyed eggs in it
50. someone eating a pavlova
51. kids playing hopscotch
52. someone playing Monopoly
53. a meat pie with sauce
54. someone wearing an Akubra
55. an adult hula hooping
56. kids playing cricket
57. a kid painting an adults toes with nail polish
58. kids playing with legos
59. someone in a dentist chair
60. a child sleeping
61. a border collie
62. a welcome to {insert state} sign
63. a racoon
64. fireworks+ or sparklers
65. someone performing on stage
66. someone on water skis+
67. a beachfront home
68. nighttime ritual
69. panning shot+
70. a tattoo
71. silhouette of child holding a balloon+
72. sandcastle
73. kid on a swing
74. s'mores at a campfire
75. food fight
76. a group of 6 or more motorcycles 
77. a redheaded girl
78. a woman with a shaved head
79. a group of firemen (oohh...yes!) LOL! 
80. someone playing the bongos
81. people around a campfire
82. a photo of the movie ticket from the last movie you saw in theaters
83. your workspace
84. someone blowing a bubble with bubble gum
85. a cat and dog together
86. feet buried in sand
87. a broken window
88. someone shooting a bow and arrow
89. a mermaid*
90. someone wearing a lei drinking a tropical drink
91. a mullet
92. a tie dyed shirt
93. "Sonic" drink showing the ice
94. the drive in
95. a love note
96. a rich tea biscuit and a cup of earl grey tea 
97. a souvenir from the Queens diamond jubilee
98. somebody eating twiglets
99. somebody walking into a Pub
100. an aran sweater
101. a cast iron chestnut roaster
102. somebody doing a cartwheel
103. a cowboy wearing his hat
104. a pregnant belly
105. someone making a 3 leaf clover with their tongue
106. a pierced tongue
107. a naked mannequin
108. a self portrait wearing bright red lipstick
109. a receipt for something that cost EXACTLY 75 cents
110. someone sitting backwards on a horse
111. someone with a black sharpie mustache on their face
112. someone with a missing front tooth
113. a child in front of the frozen foods section
114. someone reading People magazine
115. the odometer in your car
116. a picture from inside your car while in the carwash 
117. Lightening McQueen + Sally*
118. someone in a flowered apron
119. you and your significant other on date night
120. the last image shown on your LCD screen
121. a baby wearing a wig
122. kids at a lemonade stand
123. a man wearing a t-shirt from Clickin Moms
124. 3 children doing headstands/handstands in a row
125. person blowing a bubblegum bubble that's bigger than their face.
126. a dog's painted toe-claws
127. a cat having a bath
128. a man shaving their leg hair
129. eggs benedict
130. A Volkswagen Rabbit
131. someone in the back of a police car
132. your country's flag
133. you watching the Olympics-(pretrials, qualifiers)
134. a waterfall
135. a grocery checker
136. construction workers
137. a tire being changed
138. children dancing
139. child playing in the rain
140. someone climbing a tree
141. a postal carrier
142. someone in a Santa suit
143. a pack of Big League Chew
144. five different pieces of fruit lined up
145. a row of carrots in a garden
146. a colored light-bulb - not white or clear
147. yourself browsing the CM forums
148. vintage camera
149. Cabbage Patch Doll
150. keys on the CM camera keychain

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