Monday, November 14, 2011

Sometimes a Bad Day...

Today has been foul.

Just a really, really foul kind of day, which is a shame. The weather was amazing for November. Windy and gray, but warm and just lovely. Josh got into a car accident (he's fine, but the truck is a little dinged up), my sister-in-law Cassie is in the hospital having complications with the pregnancy, I'm drowning in homework, I locked myself out of the house, our other car is crapping out on us and money is, as always, way too tight for comfort.

It's days like these I like to whip out my iPod and look through my photos. I take a lot of random photos with my iPod since it's portable and usually with me at all times, but I rarely go back to look at them after I've taken them. The little faces in these photos are what I live for. They make me happy when skies are gray.

Somehow Violet managed to be in all of my favorites. She's sneaky like that!

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